NEW YEAR, New Possibilities

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NEW YEAR, New Possibilities 

Bio X Cell was founded with the intent to further scientific research. With this goal in mind, we have always offered best-in-industry pricing. As a thank you to our customers, our current pricing will remain in effect for all of 2020.

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New Possibilities...

January rings in a new year and a new decade. What does this mean for Bio X Cell?



New Campus

First and foremost, Bio X Cell remains committed to providing our customers with the high-quality, low-priced antibodies we are known for. In order to meet increasing demand, we will be moving into a new, custom-built campus in Spring 2020. This building will give Bio X Cell the lab and administrative space it needs as the company continues to grow. Click here for an inside look at our future space.


Green Boxes

A transition to fully recyclable shipping boxes is also in the works. Decreasing our carbon footprint is something Bio X Cell has been working towards for a long time and we are currently in the process of sourcing an alternative to Styrofoam coolers. The green solution we decide on will be rigorously tested to ensure it meets our current cold-chain standards.

More Giving

In 2020, Bio X Cell will continue to support our community through theBio X Cell Fund. In addition, Bio X Cell has  launched a new Community Participation Program (CPP). The CPP has been created to encourage Bio X Cell employees to actively participate in, and contribute to, their community. Bio X Cell will incentivize employees to invest their time in volunteer efforts by reimbursing them for time spent on community service.  Both the CPP and the Bio X Cell Fund are intended to further our philanthropic mission.

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