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  • 品牌简介: Trioptics 德国Trioptics TRIOPTICS公司成立于1991年,总部位于德国汉堡,十几年来一直致力于光学检测仪器的研究、开发和生产。公司集中研究和开发高精度、全自动电脑控制光学检测仪器,其产品在全球的加工企业和科研院所得到了广泛的应用,并已成为世界的工业标准。 技术能力: TRIOPTICS有着多年对光学系统、机械硬件、电子和软件的研究、开发和生产经验。我们的软件设计人员应用的完全是现代软件设计语言和方法,所以我们完全有能力完成对光学系统测量后的数据计算和处理以及应用CAD进行构造设计。另外我们的仪器装配在
  • 加入时间: 2009-9-5
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我们的产品销售遍及欧洲、亚洲、和南北美洲,与跨国公司保持非常好的往来关系,搜集最新市场需求信息,并在最 短的时间内研究开发出相关产品。


OptiSpheric通用途光学测量系统、OptiCentric中心偏差测量仪及定心胶合系统、Spherometer全自动球径仪系列、PrismMaster测角仪、高精度MTF测量系统、ImageMaster全自动光学传递函数测量系统、HR SpectroMaster UV-VIS-IR全自动高精度折射率测量仪、TriAngle电子自准直仪、AspheroMaster非球面测量仪
TRIOPTICS GmbH was established in 1992 as a manufacturer of Optical Test Equipment. Since then the company has focussed on research and development of accurate and fully PC-controlled optical test instruments for industrial and scientific use.


to be the worldwide technology leader in the field of Optical Test Equipment
to provide our customers with innovative products at affordable prices
to develop products being recognized as excellent in design and engineering
to co-operate interactively with our customers, to carefully assess their needs and listen to their suggestions.

The development of innovative solutions in many fields of optical testing allowed TRIOPTICS to achieve a prominent presence on the international market. Our success is the result of the commitment and dedication of our employees. The TRIOPTICS staff consists of highly qualified physicists, optical, electronic and mechanical engineers, software developers and experienced technicians for precision assembly work. TRIOPTICS maintains a close contact to local universities and creates opportunities for many students to complete their thesis within our company. TRIOPTICS is represented by own subsidiaries in France, Japan, China, UK and USA, and other representatives in all relevant countries for optical test equipment. Our long relationship with large multinationals allows us to focus early on new market needs and to transform them into products in the shortest conceivable time.


ImageMaster® is the most comprehensive line of MTF-Equipment for complete characterization of lenses and optical systems. Ultra fast for production testing, ultra accurate for lab and research. PrismMaster® is the first really automatic goniometer featuring ultra-accurate angle measurements of prisms, polygons and other plano optics. The OptiCentric® family comprises tools for the precise centering, cementing and bonding of lenses, including the characterization of multi-lens objectives regarding individual centering errors. OptiSpheric® is the industry's most comprehensive equipment line for integrated optical testing. It provides fast and reliable test results of almost all relevant optical parameters, i.e. effective focal length (EFL), modulation transfer function (MTF), back focal length (BFL), radius of curvature, flange focal length (FFL). Extension modules include multi-wavelength and intra ocular lens (IOL) testing. TRIOPTICS further supplies standard Optical Test Equipment like spherometers, visual and electronic autocollimators, collimators, telescopes, doublets, mirrors and mounts.

New market-leading metrology solutions are ready to reach the market: ultra-accurate measurement of highly aspheric surfaces and wave fronts.

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